Understanding your business requirements.


Understanding your challenges means we can deliver better results.

This business discovery section will allow us to visualise your business through a magnifying glass and figure out your goals, strengths and weaknesses. It is crucial for us to fully understand your challenges and competitors.

These are our key questions we use to build our knowledge of your business.

Please describe your business.

What are five key words you’d use to describe your business?

What do you offer to your customers that makes them choose you over your main competitors?

What do you feel the weaknesses in your business or business model are?

What obstacles do you feel are standing in the way of your success at the moment?

What do you feel your main unique selling points are?

How do you feel we can best convey those to the public?

What problem does your product solve for them?

Have you tried any marketing solutions in the past?

What are your biggest dreams with regards to your business?

Let us know of your aims and expectations for this project

Customer persona.
This section is all about determining the exact target audience your client is looking to focus on. By asking such specific questions, your client has to narrow things down and clarify their target market.

Please provide a detailed profile of your customer.

What does your customer do for a living?

What level of education has your customer completed?

What’s your customer’s approximate income?

Is your customer married?

Where is your customer located?

Describe your customer’s character.

Describe the lifestyle your customer leads.

Customer engagement.
Last but not least, these customer engagement questions are crucial when it comes to determining how your client finds customers, how customers find them and how the entire process could be improved.

What question(s) are you constantly being asked?

What does your ideal customer need to know about you?

If your ideal customer were to ask you one question, what would that question be?

What is stopping your customer from using your product or services?

What do you feel is the best way to engage your customer?

Which social media platforms do you think your customer might use?

Please provide us with links to at least three direct competitors.

At the moment, where are the majority of your customers finding your business?

We love helping start-ups to succeed.

After all we were all start-ups once and know that in the early days you need all the support you can get.


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